Good Things:

1. Completed and published this month’s issue of UBC law school’s humble newspaper: Legal Eye

2. Classes are done - less pressure to read, now the focus has moved on to preparing for exams in a few weeks

3. Eating good food: salmon, coffee, Bolognese, waffles, dim sum, Japanese tapas

4. The Urban Native Youth Association’s fundraiser, which auctioned off beautiful Westcoast Aboriginal design Bentwood Boxes at Lattamir Gallery¬†yesterday. They raised over $21 000 which is going towards the Capital Management Fund for the Native Youth Centre. This needs to be built! Lattamir Gallery has announced that they will have this fundraiser for the next 3 years to help raise funds to go towards the Capital Management Fund for NYC.

5. Being around beautiful gifted people

6. Working out the body & mind.